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The First Wave: 1820-1945 – Colliding Solitudes

Published on March 30, 2021

The first episode of ELAN’s Waves of Change project about identity and belonging in the English-speaking community of Québec features descendants of some of the earliest English-speaking communities that settled in this territory when it was Lower Canada, the United Province of Canada or La Belle Province du Québec.

In the episode called The First Wave: 1820-1945 – Colliding Solitudes, participants discuss why their families chose to emigrate, why they stayed during the decades of linguistic tensions when so many others left, and how they feel about being English-speakers living in Québec today.

You can watch the video and others as they're added here.

Project Manager: Guy Rodgers

Project Coordinator: Betty Esperenza

Videographer: Youssef Shoufan

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