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New Year, New Events

Published on January 22, 2021

COM-Unity project partners have started the New Year off with a bang thanks to a line-up of fun, educational and thought-provoking programming with something for everyone! Even as the pandemic continues to change what is possible and we can’t physically gather together, we’ve learned how important it is to feel that we belong to a community, and to continue to build and strengthen that community. The events from our project partners do just that.

Learn about new cultures through art with BLACQ

BCRC’s Bridging Language and Culture in Quebec (BLACQ) project has a long list of exciting events scheduled over the next two months. Why not take part in one of the workshops presented by the West-Can Folk Performing Company and try your hand at learning Caribbean folk songs or folk dances, storytelling or take part in a drum workshop? It’s a fantastic way to learn about different cultures through the appreciation of their art. If you’re an aspiring writer, or a lover of the written word, you might enjoy Building Bridges via Literature, a series that allows Anglophone and Francophone writers of all levels to discuss some of the serious issues facing the Black community from overcoming exile and alienation to social justice. Hosted by Kola Magazine and Lecture Logos Reading some of the works will go on to be published in an upcoming issue of Kola Magazine.

The Latest from You Are Here: The Belonging Project

The latest series of engaging events organized by Y4Y's Youth Cultural Ambassadors is starting to take shape. Lower North Shore ambassador Honlee is organizing a virtual bannock bake and asking local seniors to share their recipes. Bannock is a type of bread that served as a staple in the diets of early settlers and fur traders. With the European introduction of modern cooking utensils and flour, bannock also became a staple for Indigenous people. The event promises to be a delicious way to learn about a food with historical significance passed down through the generations. Other events include an evening of creative writing with prompts, poetry and an open mic component co-hosted by the ambassadors from Montreal and Quebec City; and an online Kahoot! Night (trivia) that will be hosted by the ambassador for the Gaspé region along with local volunteers.

Phase 2 of LEARN’s I-Belong!

LEARN has opened up their COM-Unity project to all English language public schools in the province! Phase two of the project has three pretty cool options available for empowering students with a sense of identity and belonging. The first is a spoken word option with guidance from two-time Montreal Slam champion Liana/Luca Cusmano, poets Deanna Smith and Jason Selman, or renowned storyteller Nina Segalowitz. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual Spoken Word Slam! Option two is a digital storytelling project with Hands-On Media Education. And the third is a Comic Zine option where students interview seniors to learn more about their contributions and connections to Quebec society and turn the stories into a comic zine with guidance from comic-artist Laurence Dionne or graphic novelist Scott MacLeod. The project culminates with the presentation of a comic zine to participating seniors and the broader community.

QAHN’s Heritage Show and Tell Online

In a recent article in the Hemmingford Gleaner, Dwane Wilkin from QAHN said, “History takes place every day in every community across this country; it just requires people to take an interest in it and see we're living it.” It's in this spirit that QAHN is organizing a Heritage Show and Tell Online. Featuring ten communities with ten great projects, from portable exhibits to smart-phone walking tours it offers the public the chance to meet heritage leaders from across Quebec who are finding novel ways to share and preserve their local history in spite of pandemic closures. The program includes presentations from: Colby-Curtis Museum; Hemmingford Archives; Richmond County Historical Society; Heritage New Carlisle; the Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders; Cantley 1889; Société d’histoire du Canton d’Orford; Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society; the English Community Organization of Lanaudière; and Missiquoui Historical Society.

Start off the year with these inspiring learning activities! To stay up to date on these events and more visit the events page.

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