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Celebrating COM-Unity: This Is Us

Published on July 29, 2021

Last month, our COM-Unity partner organizations presented the exciting projects they had been working on for the past year. The almost 2-hour event entitled “Celebrating COM-Unity: This Is Us” was a great success, and was attended by government officials, VIPs, media, and members of the public. The presentations were on the theme of Belonging, and included creative videos, eye-opening interviews, and informative slideshows. The event was emceed by our very own Guy Rex Rodgers, who is not only the producer and director of the ELAN’s Waves of Change project, but also the producer of the COM-Unity event. The event followed the three themes that guided the partners in their work: Belonging and Identity, Belonging and Memory, and Belonging and Language.

We were thrilled to have opening remarks from MNA Christopher Skeete, Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister Responsible for the Fight Against Racism, and Mr. William Floch, Secrétaire adjoint, Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise.

They both expressed their excitement to see the results of the incredible work done by our community partners and we can say with confidence that they were not disappointed!

Presentations from the COM-Unity partner organizations included:

  • Moving interviews conducted with seniors from different parts of Quebec as part of the Je Me Souviens: Portraits of Who We Are series created by Seniors Action Quebec
  • Poignant discussions and reflections in the context of the Black Community Resource Centre’s Arrivals Belonging Project
  • Candid discussions centered on the major waves of immigrants and their experiences in  ELAN’s Wave of Change video series
  • Incredible arts-based projects involving students in schools from all over Quebec as part of I Belong! from LEARN
  • Informative slideshows about heritage projects presented by QAHN
  • Heartwarming conversations with Y4Y’s Youth Cultural Ambassadors as part of the You Are Here: The Belonging Project

The video of the event can be found here. Each of our community partners will be creating new projects over the next year as they continue to explore the theme of Belonging through art, music, discussions, and heritage projects. We are all extremely excited to continue the COM-Unity project, so stay tuned to see what our fantastic community partners have in store for you!