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Our Year Two COM-Unity projects are in full swing

Published on August 31, 2021

After some much needed rest, our COM-Unity partners are hard at work on their incredible projects for Year Two! They will continue to explore the themes of belonging and identity in Quebec’s English-speaking community.


With the help of Youth Cultural Ambassadors, Y4Y is heading back into the regions to further investigate how to better connect English speaking youth to the province they call home. Through intergenerational conversations and community events, You are Here carves out a place for youth to celebrate people and places, while exploring the culture and history that define the increasingly diverse circle of English Quebecers.

Visit Y4Y's website for more info.


ELAN's year two project is a feature-length documentary that puts the Waves of Change interviews into a historical context. The Hudson Film Festival is keen to open their 2022 festival with a world premier of the documentary.

Visit ELAN's website for more info.

Seniors Action Quebec

For the second year of the COM-Unity project, Seniors Action Quebec plans to produce a series of videos showcasing English-speaking community organizations across the regions of Quebec, who work directly with seniors, and highlight the specific challenges and difficulties they face while working to support their community.

Visit Senior Action Quebec's website for more info.


The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN) is working with 11 member organizations in several regions of the province to develop cultural activities that highlight the diverse history of Quebec’s English-speaking communities. These will include a great mix of activities, including outdoor klezmer performances and workshops, local history podcasts, museum exhibitions, a heritage walking tour, and a film documentary about a small town’s former life as a magnet for international recording stars.

Visit QAHN's website for more info.


LEARN is once again empowering students and teachers across the province to explore their sense of belonging to Quebec society through the arts and acts of community service. This school year's project options include puppeteering, digital storytelling, community service learning, spoken word, comic zine and podcast creation.

Visit LEARN's website for more info.


For year two of the COM-Unity project, BCRC will partner with 2 English-speaking community organizations, Youth in Motion and Black Theatre Workshop to produce projects to explore belonging and identity from the perspective of Black youth, artists, and families. As well, BCRC will create a video series to explore belonging through generations of Black Quebecois from the same family.

Visit BCRC's website for more info.

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