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LEARN Quebec partners with ELAN to extend the reach of their COM-Unity year two project

Published on September 27, 2021

In year one of the COM-Unity project, LEARN Quebec took on multiple projects with the goal of empowering students to explore their identity and sense of belonging to Quebec society through the arts. These included creating comic zines, digital storytelling, making art, and taking action in their community. To find out more about their work from last year, read their Year One report, or watch the highlight reel.

“These projects were wonderful in terms of supporting the mental health and wellness of students, giving them outlets in terms of reflecting on, again, where their lives are at and their sense of belonging.”
– Ben Loomer, “I Belong” Project Coordinator, LEARN Quebec

This year, LEARN is once again empowering students and teachers across the province to explore their sense of belonging to Quebec society through the arts and acts of community service. This school year's project options include puppeteering, digital storytelling, community service learning, spoken word, comic zine and podcast creation. Participating classrooms will be supported by 12 Quebec-based artists as they consider what it means to belong to a group or place, what helps us to feel like we belong, barriers to belonging and what can be done about them. Thanks to a partnership with ELAN, all English language schools are eligible to participate in LEARN's "I Belong!" project.

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