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ELAN’s Waves of Change becomes What We Choose to Remember

Published on January 26, 2022

In year one of the COM-Unity project, ELAN (English Language Arts Network) created six short videos for a docu-series entitled Waves of Change. Each 20-minute video is comprised of one-on-one interviews and group discussions, and focuses on six different waves of immigration to Quebec. In their own words, “Waves of Change is a 200-year (1820-2020) oral history of Quebec’s English-speaking communities. It focuses on families that arrived in Quebec during historical waves of immigration, adaptation, languages, complex identities and the quest for belonging.” Extended 30-minute version of the videos were picked up for broadcast by MAtv and played throughout the fall season. The videos will also be subtitled in French and played on MAtv this winter.

For year two of the COM-Unity project, ELAN decided to create a full-length feature documentary based on the videos from Waves of Change, as well as new footage. The film is entitled “What We Choose to Remember”. The documentary will premiere at the Hudson Film Festival this spring. The driving force behind this documentary is Guy Rex Rodgers, former Executive Director and Lifetime Member of ELAN. He is also the coordinator of the Community of Practice for the COM-Unity project. For him, Waves of Change is “it's all about sparking a "conversation" among the Anglo population.” In fact, participants (or storytellers, as they referred to on the website) come from every continent in the world, except Antarctica!

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